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Reviews are on  hold until further notice. No new reviews will be accepted until further notice



Book Review


Read over the following details to see if my reviews are of interest to you.

  • I am instituting this rule now as some authors have been sending me multiple books without asking if I can review all of those books at the present time. Only one review request will be accepted via email. If you send more than one book/request, those will go at the end of the pile. Please be courteous and understanding of not only my time, but other authors who would like to get reviews posted.

  • Requests will be accepted only via email.

  • You can circumvent the process by emailing me an pdf or Word file. I prefer books in the romance, erotic romance, erotica, and steam punk genres but have reviewed everything from children's books to poetry. If I cannot review your book I will email you. 

  • Reviews are free. I do not charge for this service.

  • Books will be rated on a one to five star scale. I also include a blurb about the characters, plot, creativity, world building, etc.

  • If you are interested in a review email me at kathrynbladeauthor@gmail.com. 

  • I prefer epub, pdf or Word format copy of the book via email. 

  • Preferred genres are romance, erotica, steampunk, and fantasy. 

  • Reviews are posted on my blog on this website, on my Facebook, on Amazon, and on Bookbub. If your book is listed on another site and you would like a review posted there, please supply the link when emailing me. 


I am an indie author and book reviewer.

Book reviews, poetry, and lighter romance will be published under the Kathryn Blade pen name. 

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Erotic romance will be published under the A. R. Ford pen name. You can learn more about A. R. Ford by visiting the website: 



Reviews are on  hold until further notice. No new reviews will be accepted until further notice.




​Here is the updated list of reviews in progress. I try to post two reviews weekly but sometimes am unable to do so due to real life demands (work, family, etc.).


Reviews (ARCs are priority reviews)​

  1. On The Outward Edge by C. P. Night (ARC)

  2. The Pool Boy's Beatitude by DJ Swykert (ARC)

  3. Barefoot by Daisy Burton (ARC)

  4. Jordan's World by Allen Steadham (ARC)

  5. Death of a Young Lieutenant by B. R. Stateham (ARC)

  6. Resurrection (The Vendetta Series Book 1) by Kris Anne Dean (ARC)

  7. Reign (The Vendetta Series Book 2) by Kris Anne Dean (ARC)

  8. The Reluctant Substitute by Carol Delmornay (Review request)

  9. The Cambodian Book of the Dead by Tom Vater (Review request)

  10. Akea: His Mother's Son by Elizabeth Jade

  11. Midnight Orchids by Angel Nyx

  12. The Hunter by T.M. Dawson

  13. Howling Desires: Tamed by the Wolf by Jane Lee Abram

  14. Eaten by Alyanna Poe

  15. Gods of Avalon Road by Leilanie Stewart

  16. Highway Twenty by Michael Moore

  17. Betrayal, the Hidden Truth by Aqsa Amjad

  18. Taken by the Enemy Spy by Jane Lee Abram

  19. Romance: Lock and Key by Jane Lee Abram

  20. Short Stories by Aqsa Amjad



For any inquiries, please contact Kathryn Blade:

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